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Updated: Sep. 30 (15:59)

Mr. Peroutka & Mr. Armstrong Debate 10/9/14 7pm
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Voting for the Collective Bargaining Committee
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PFFM Unanimously Endorses Martha Coakley for Governor
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Seasonal Flu Clinics at Norwalk Health Dept.
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Battalion Chief Organizing - ERB Hearing October 2, 2014
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What's New at IAFF 2180
Negotiations Update 8/28/13
Clarification/Correction: My last email stated that the last two proposals listed on the city website are the newest (8/26/13) proposals. That statement is incorrect. The newest proposal that has been actually disclosed by the City is the following: ·        Article 2. Read More...
Negotiations Update 8/28/13
Please visit the City website’s Negotiations section (web link below) and review the newly added proposals from the City (2). They are the last two listed under the IAFF tab. You will also find the first counterproposal from the IAFF Negotiating Team.  The next negotiation’s meeting is scheduled for September 10.  http://www.chulavistaca. Read More...
Darrell Roberts Appointed to L2180 EBoard
Darrell Roberts has been appointed by the Executive Borad to occupy the Executive Board Seat # 1 for the remainder of the term (12/31/13). Please join us in congratulating him and thanking him for stepping up to the commitment and work that comes with the position. Read More...
Date: 06/14/2013 From: Union President To: Local 2180 Members Subj: PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (TURN OUTS) Ref: a) NFPA 1972, 2007 edition b) NFPA 1851 Dear brothers and sisters, several of our members have suffered burns over the last few months. This has prompted an ongoing discussion between the Local2180 E board and Fire Administration about the state of our safety gear. The E board is specifically concerned with our PPE meeting NFPA references( a) and (b). All personnel need to check the label on their Protective hood(s) immediately. If your label doesn’t state that it meets the NFPA 1971, 2007 edition or is missing, then immediately submit a requisition to supply through your chain of command. Our hoods have been the primary issue up to now. While you are checking your PPE, please ensure your structural firefighting helmet is 10 years old or newer. Your primary turn outs should be 5 years old or newer and your secondary turnouts should be 10 years old or newer. If any of your personal protective equipment does not meet the above standards, please submit a requisition through the chain of command for immediate replacement. This is a critical safety issue and both the Local and the City want our members to be safe. Remember we are changing our SOG’s to ensure firefighter safety, now it’s time to make sure our gear is in compliance also. Our firefighters are the most important assets of this department, our citizen’s count on us to help them in their time of need, and we depend on our gear to accomplish our mission. Most importantly your families depend on your return home after your shift is over. Thank you, John Hess President IAFF Local 2180
President's Message
5/7/13 General President Schaitberger has said,“The hardest job in the IAFF is the local president”. After five months, I cannot agree more. A lot has taken place in this time. Our board has moved forward with reaching out to other locals and labor organizations. We have solidified our relationships with the CPF and The IAFF. Over half of your board is on a first name basis with our 10th District IAFF Vice President and our 1st Distract CPF Vice president. We had the honor of representing Chula Vista Local 2180 at the CPF convention this year, and represent we did. I had the pleasure of sitting on the CPF’s Bylaw committee and was asked to second Tim Stacks’ nomination for 1st district Vice President, which he won easily. We received important information on our local SubJAC committee and are currently updating all our information on SubJAC with the CPF. We found approximately $2700.00 that is the union’s portion of SubJAC to spend as we need. We have made a big push towards the education of our board members and negotiators. I have to tell you it isn’t cheap, but I can say with all honesty it is money well spent. I believe our negotiators and board members are educated and ready to serve our local as never before. We have heard your desires to stay informed through the upcoming negotiations and as a team came up with a way to accomplish this. We have saved money on our legal fees through the use of the IAFF’s legal assistance department to determine our duty to represent. As Mark can attest to having friends in the right place can help, and we have built a solid relationship with Jim Ferguson, our IAFF 10th district Vice President. He has helped us with resources and advice. Look over the web site and you will find many new changes in an effort to get information out to the membership. A big Thank you goes out to Fernando on this one. DK and Pablo have kicked butt on the Union Dinner as well as the Easter egg hunt. And to everyone that helped make Fire Ops 101 such a big success, I say thank you!! I know I will miss many names, but Vic, Andy, Jeremy, Sean, Harry and everyone else, thank you. Also thank you to Josh and the CVFF foundation for the great food. PAC is a huge issue right now, our endorsement of Lorena Gonzales has gone a long way towards increasing our political leverage. This is in big part to Mark McDonald and Ken Stovall; both are working tirelessly on our PAC. If everything goes right for us, we may get a seat at the executive board for the County Labor Council. This is a huge step towards increasing our political influence. Please support our PAC as it is the most important tool we have in getting our message out. Hopefully everyone attended the Chief’s All Hand’s Meetings. A lot of good information was put out on ALS and four-person staffing. Our local supports both of these programs. He also brought up changing our name. I would hate to lose our identity. We have a 90 plus year proud tradition as the Chula Vista Fire Department. All of our citizens understand we do more than just fight fire; one look at our daily responses will let you know the public calls us for all of their emergency needs. Maybe it’s just me, but this is our fire department. Long after admin leaves, you will all still be here, so choose carefully. In closing, I am grateful of the trust you have placed in me and our Executive Board. Our solidarity has made us strong. Our vigilance and commitment will keep us strong. I end with a quote from Abraham Lincoln. “All that serves labor serves the nation. All that harms is treason. If a man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool. There is no America without labor, and to fleece the one is to rob the other.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1/13/13 Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am honored to be the President of this great local.  I have just returned from the Affiliate Leadership Training Summit, (ALTS), and the Leadership Management Initiative, (LMI).  I have learned a lot and begun new relationships within the organizations of the IAFF and the CPF.  I believe these relationships will benefit us all in the future. Read More...
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