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Updated: Jul. 16 (05:00)

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Updated On: Sep 30, 2015

Dear Local 2180,

We have had several obstacles and challenges placed before us in the last few months. We also have gained ground on certain issues and we will continue to strive to make more positive impacts for our Local. The Executive Board has been hard at work meeting and working behind the scenes to ensure Local 2180 continues to push ahead. Over the last several months the Board has been meeting with key City officials and politicians regarding issues concerning our Local. The Executive Board is having monthly meetings with the Mayor and Council members to ensure our voice and concerns are heard. The Executive Board appreciates everyone who has stepped up and helped out over the last several months.

Here is the latest update on issues and topics facing our Local:

  • Wage re-opener - Our legal team has provided written notice to the City requesting to re-open per MOU Article 2.01 (D) for salary increases. Per the contract we needed to provide written notice between September and December of this year. The salary increase is for fiscal year 2016-2017 which results in any salary increases taking effect in July of next year. We are working on mutually agreed upon dates for both parties. I want to personally thank all the members that have been providing input and fact checking different MOU’s. We will send out a salary survey prior to us sitting at the table.

  • Apparatus Issues- The safety our members and the safety of the citizens we protect is the highest priority for all of us. When we are unable to do our job due to lack of fire apparatus, we have to step up. The City has decided to defer any financial appropriations to our apparatus replacement fund and instead have opted for a pay-as-you-go plan. In theory they are buying only when there is an absolute crisis or need. When we don't have rigs to place our folks in, there is a crisis. We have met with all key City Officials and have told our story. We are continuing to work on the issue and are pushing a plan that will prevent us from ever being in this situation again. We do not agree with using ALS “pass through” fees to fund our apparatus purchases. The 2015/2016 adopted City Budget document discusses a plan to use Reserve Funds to purchase unfunded liabilities which includes equipment replacement. Our apparatus is part of the essential services that the City of Chula Vista needs to provide.  I want to thank all our members who have gone out of their way to ensure we have functioning apparatus. It is now time for the City to step up and fix the problem. 

  • Strike Team Deployments - For years now we have had several different methods in how we select personnel to deploy on our strike team companies. The Board understands that this is an operational issue but there are some concerns that we have shared with the Ops Chief. This is an opportunity for Labor to have input on how are folks get out the door and land on a consensus that meets our needs operationally and from a Labor perspective. 

  • Telestaff Bucket Counts-  With all the recent fire activity there has been a large amount of our personnel that have been deployed on either Strike Teams or Overhead assignments. It is great to see so many of our folks helping out in a time of need. The assignments have created many discussions. Specifically on how our folks that have been deployed are not receiving any opportunity points. We have listened to the complaints and potential resolutions and the Board has decided to take a formal survey on the issue. Please take the time and take the survey.

  • Performance Evaluations - Thanks to all the members who have worked on the performance evaluations. Creating a new performance evaluation is a very lofty goal and we appreciate all the efforts to date. The role out of the evaluations created a lot of good discussion and we recognized areas that we could improve on. The workgroup is continuing to meet and fine tune the product. We have asked management to use the current performance evaluations this year and postpone the roll out until all the issues have been resolved. Management has agreed and this is the plan moving forward.

  • Water Conservation Efforts - At our last General Membership meeting we had discussions on a Labor/Management request to not wash our personal vehicles while on duty. After the discussions a motion was made and seconded to rescind the request and advise management that we will be continuing to wash personal vehicles while on duty. After more discussions and clarification the motion was pulled by the motion maker and tabled. We appreciate any and all discussion on our issues and encourage the dialogue. 

These are just a few of the many issues and topics currently facing our Local that need to be discussed at the next General Membership meeting. Please make an honest effort and attend one of the days of our next General Membership meeting scheduled for October the 8th and 9th.



IAFF Local 2180
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